From the movie “The Sleepwalkers”


Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala are about to be taken over by organised drug cartels who, enraged after the brief invasion by France and Italy ten years earlier aimed at stopping the drug trade, have built a small army and are now threatening to bring the war to the US and to “kill every American who doesn’t use drugs”.

They have been cutting enemies’ heads, raping and kidnapping girls along the way and they are now only one hour drive from Mexico City. Already scores of Mexicans are tripping over the border with the US to escape the violence. Among them, there could be drug dealers in disguise planning to plant bombs in US cities.

At the same time, Brazil has just invaded Colombia and claims that Colombia, Venezuela, the entire Central America and Texas are within its area of influence. The Brazilian president for the past 15 years just declared: “wherever there are ethnic Brazilians who want to re-unite with their fatherland, we will support their separatist aims”. Weeks earlier, Colombian rebels armed by Brazil shot down by mistake a plane full of Californians. California declared one day of mourning, but other American states couldn’t care less.

The US government has called on the EU to “do something” , but the public opinion in the EU is very reluctant, it doesn’t understand why the EU should get involved in some mess so far away from home as it is not a threat to the EU interests or security. The EU has sent some planes to bomb drug cartels’ positions but it is far from enough. It has imposed sanctions on Brazil, but Brazil has banned the import of all US goods, harming the US more than the EU.

Meanwhile, in the US the debate ensues on a few interesting subjects:

Whether Arizona and Ohio, who have borrowed money heavily for the past 30 years should borrow even more and raise taxes to get out of trouble.

Whether the next second president of the US (the US has two presidents and nobody understands their respective roles) should come from the East or the West of the country.

Whether the next Secretary of State of the US, who’s supposed to unite the country behind him or her to deal with the Mexican and the Colombia-Brazilian crisis, should either be a never-heard of former secretary for international cooperation or a junior minister in the Arizona government with limited experience.

Whether the Californian defense forces should be used for any offensive task or whether California, whose support is critical but which believes in “peace” at all cost, should just limit itself to provide “external support” to the EU forces which are reluctantly bombing the drug cartels.

In Ohio and Indiana, there are even people saying their states should leave the US outright and try to solve these problems on their own.

Meanwhile, the drug cartels get ever closer to their objectives, the Colombian forces have given up fighting against the Brazilians and the citizens of the US seem unaware of the danger, keep watching their football matches, many just came back from holidays, couldn’t care less. They are all waiting for the EU to do something, but at the same time accuse the EU of “imperialism”.

Meanwhile in Arizona, two hours away from the tragedy in Mexico, the hiring of a new football player by one of the local team made real headlines.

Would you not ridicule the Americans?

Problem is, this is exactly what is happening with the Europeans, right now.

Shame on us.



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